Mission Statement

PowerPlay’s mission remains focused on the design and production of Power Catamarans that have:

1.    Construction and quality control of the highest order, with continual ship yard presence and oversight   by our Master Shipwright and designer

2.    Innovative design and technology, through continuous Research and Development, resulting in enjoyable and comfortable cruising and or chartering.

3.    Economy of ownership through the inclusion of new and proven power solutions, coupled with rugged construction, resulting in less maintenance requirements.

4.    Initial lower purchasing costs through the use of third party contractors using modern and cost effective techniques and methods, without any reduction in quality or craftsmanship.

5.    Continuous involvement between our clients and ourselves, to ensure maximum satisfaction in the finished vessel.

Each of these requirements is continuously reviewed throughout the construction process, to ensure our Clients experience is enjoyable and rewarding.

In summary, our Mission is to make Catamaran ownership more affordable, economical and hence enjoyable, through innovative design, technology and craftsmanship.