1250 (41′) Powerplay

As exotic catamarans have become more popular in Australia and New Zealand, new and improved designs are quickly appearing. Powerplay Catamarans in Brisbane are the most recent Australian business to enter the arena with the Powerplay 12500 exotic catamaran. The first boat was recently launched and production on the second one is underway. 

Powerplay Catamarans was a Brisbane based boat building company owned by our parent company. ( We have been involved in building and designing boats for 30 years including working on Charter Boats, Luxury vessels in Monacco and several duelhulls and catamarans. We realized the potential for catamarans after building a 15 metre catamaran for a client in Cairns. The next step was to go to a power catamaran to get great fuel economy and plenty of room.


The first thing that strikes you about the boat is the beautiful lines. The hulls are very fair and blend into a curve at the rear to culminate in a boarding platform. The deck has circular stairs allowing fast access from another ship or from the port to the cockpit staircase. At the top of the stairs there is an engine room hatch that gives very easy access to the 76 horsepower Yanmar sail-drives. The engine rooms also give access to the steering rams and rudderpost. A stainless steel gates can be closed at sea for improved safety.

The aft bridgedeck or cockpit area, is very large and practical. There are two rear berths with theie adjacent seating around the edge make it easy to get up onto the side decks. There is seating across the back and front of the cockpit, with storage space under. The table located in the cockpit, enhances the outdoor entertaining area, providing a stable and convenient area to gather around. The cockpit has a roof that provides shade and protection from the elements. Provision has been made for clears to be added if needed, but in the tropics where this boat will be working, plenty of shade is essential. The stairs are on the port side of the bridgedeck, leading up to the flybridge where the views are outstanding.