1650 (54′) Fifty Fifty

Fifty Fifty is one of the latest 16.6 metre (54 foot) power catamarans from PowerPlay Catamarans has just been delivered to its new home in the Philippines after a very successful showing at the Kuala Lumour Boat Show in November. Proving once more that Powerplay Catamarans are the best, we have made a vessel that not only drives well and has great fuel economy, but is great to look at and has lots of space inside as well.


As with all of our Powerplay Catamarans the quality of the build is impeccable. The hull and decks are built with Duflex planks (end grain balsa with unidirectional cloth) and knitted fabrics with epoxy resins. This vessel was built to commercial offshore survey standards in accordance with the USL code.

Furniture is constructed using Duflex Honeycomb sheets to minimize weight and thus increase payload capacity. Customisation of the interior layout is possible and encouraged. If you want a similar vessel with a few less features we’d suggest you check out the 48′ No Worries.