Sales and Marketing.

Powerplay Catamarans International has engaged us to be their sales agent in Australia.

We are an all-round industry veteran team with 15 years experience covering marine marketing, recreational boating and new and used boat sales. We bought our first boat in the 1990s while living and working in Papua, using it to explore local waters and compete in the Bali beach race. As passionate boaters, we have owned many different types of vessels and cruised in them to the Reef over many years. 

Our marine marketing experience includes consulting to prominent organisations such as the Department of Maritime Affairs, the Brisbane Boat Show, QBSA. As Sales Manager at a large boating company, our new boat brand experience included the Vancouver Motor Yacht range and prior to that, the Perry Catamaran range and the United picnic launch.

We also recommend Multi Hull Solutions as an alternative marketplace if you’re looking for a new purchase or trade.

If you’re interested in purchasing a catamaran please get in contact with us to view our range and prices!