Charter (1460)

The PowerPlay Charter Experience

 Sit back and enjoy the ride, as this state of the art power cat carries you to the ultimate in island and ocean adventure. Voyaging between each destination is an experience in itself, as these air conditioned vessels carve their way at speed through the magnificent vistas, that pass you by. Speed matters! Covering long distances quickly enables you and your crew to explore more of the pleasures of our earth…and there are lots of places to explore…

Leading you all the way with your PowerPlay, whether snorkeling some of the World’s best dive sites, diving through a reef of underwater gardens or simply kicking back in the shallow waters of a sun covered beach and then enjoying yourself in the amazing luxury of a beautiful spa bath at sunset… On a PowerPlay Charter catamaran, you’ll chillout, relax and enjoy the World’s greatest scenery in the comfort and style of your own leisure.

PowerPlay’s award winning Designer has developed unique formulae for the production and layout of these enormous charter vessels. The Australian Shipping Departments rules for charter vessels, ‘ratio of sleeping facilities to people onboard’ have been repeatedly applied during the PowerPlay charter vessels construction phase. This application has made sure that it is one of the few vessels within the rule of the law.

PowerPlay is able to design, any layout required, from back-packers accommodation to the luxury interiors normally associated with the larger vessel charter industry. You can have the exotic white walled, wash out finish basic model, right up to a beautifully polished finish of the luxury class of catamarans. A great alternative to this model is the Charter 1800.