Charter (1800)

The Power Play Charter Vessel Experience

 Relax and enjoy the ride, as this first class perfectly designed power catamaran takes you to exotic amazing places in style, comfort and luxury. Voyaging between each destination is an amazing experience in itself, as these air conditioned boats carve their way at high speeds through the oceans and channels of the world, that pass you by. Speed and comfort matter! Covering a lot of distance quickly and comfortably enables you to explore more of what the world has to offer …and there is a lot to explore…

Leading you all the way with your PowerPlay Catamaran, whether swimming through some of the World’s best reefs, snorkelling through an underwater forest of sea life or simply relaxing in the tropical waters of a sun drenched shoreline and then kicking back and enjoying yourself in the luxury of a nice hot spa at sundown… On a PowerPlay Catamaran Charter ship, you’ll unwind and enjoy the World’s greatest scenery in comfort and style.

PowerPlayCatamaran’s legendary award winning Design has received applause for their unique formulae used for the production and layout of these large and glamorous charter vessels. (Including our world famous Sportsfish design)The Australian Maritime Bureau regulations for charter boats, ‘ratio of occupants to sleeping facilities’ have been thoroughly applied and focused on during the PowerPlayCatamarans charter vessel design phase. This process has ensured that it’s one of the few vessels living up to these standards.

We are able to design and produce any layout required, from small 2 person vessels to accommodation with luxury interiors normally associated with the larger vessel and catamaran charter industry. You can decide to have the white walled finish, right up to the detailed and polished finish of the highest class.