For those of you who love combining you love of fishing with your love of catamarans then a Sportfish vessel might be right up your alley. With a sleek line, low draft, low fuel consumption and comfortable facilities our sportsfish ctamaran makes for the perfect all day and all night fishing vessel.

Capable of comfortably sleeping 8 happy fishers in luxury comfort it also has a large storage freezer for several days worth of fish and seafood, ensuring you and your friends can stay out at ocean for extended periods of time.

Capable of reaching speeds of 35 knots per hour and weathering waves of up to 2 meters comfortably this is the catamaran you want to be seen in! It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen/galley, a recreation room as well as fish gutting facilities and a cleaning bay as well as a generous outdoor deck area, you’ll be very popular amongst your fishing and non fishing friends alike. (If they’re interested in making a purchase we’d suggest they check out the dimensions of our luxury range).

Out sportfish vessel complies with all Australian maritime regulations and requirements to ensure that you’re not only travelling in style but also safety. If you’re looking for your first catamaran or perhaps an upgrade from your current one definitely contact power play for more information on our #1 fishing vessel, you wont regret it!